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Browser TAB name for reports

As a user which has opened more than one report i want to see in browser TAB the name of report instead of "Report list", then I could faster see which TAB i should click to see the report i want to.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Calendar Reports presenting Master Feature Dates

For this report, it would be really valuable to show the start and due date for master features. Attached are the current options including Feature, Release and To-Date dates.
Barnett Klane over 6 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Option for sorting features in calendar view

We are using the calendar view as our main view for working on features. It should help us if we could change the order of feature cards per day, e.g. on status, or grouped by release or product.
Guest over 6 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Usability Issue - every milestone in Aha is listed when building reports

Our Aha instance has hundreds of products (potentially thousands) and each product has a large number of milestones. When you build a report (Reports > Roadmaps > Epics) and try and select which milestone to show in the report, you have to s...
George Champlin-Scharff almost 7 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Sort reports using initiative dates

It would be great to be able to sort pivot tables and custom roadmaps using the initiative start or end dates. This would allow you to create a report showing initiatives in chronological order with more specificity than timeframes.
Austin Merritt almost 7 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Layout of List/Filter Options

When filters are forced to wrap in the header section of lists/reports it leaves a lot of white space and I’d like to suggest another way of laying it out, if you don’t mind. Group the Add Column and Add Filter buttons and don’t allow wrapping. ...
Tom Beck almost 7 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Release Month (External) Reporting Column

It would be beneficial to add a release month (external) reporting column for pivot tables. If you use external date in the cell and want to show months in the column, some of the external dates are not displayed in the correct column.
Guest over 7 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Provide access to Initiative 'create date' on report list

I'd like to be able to review on a weekly basis the new initiatives created in the last week. The 'create date' field would allow me to filter & sort by the create date.
Guest over 7 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Calendar view for reports

Please create a calendar view for Reports for Features (and Initiatives would be nice, too). See the attached file.
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Add support for custom field filters for persona custom field types

No description provided
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped