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Enable/disable weekend indicators in timeline report

The timeline report has been updated to include vertical gray bars to indicate weekends. As a results timeline reports for extended time periods (e.g. 1 or 2 years) are very busy. It would be helpful if a user can select whether to show/hide these...
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Cascade select/deselect of parent items to child items in filters

When filtering, if an item has child items, selecting or deselecting the parent should cascade the same to the children. If specific children are wanted or not wanted, select or deselect them individually.
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Add Dropdown Search to all Filters in Pivots, Lists, etc

The new dropdown search is awesome. It would be a killer feat to have the same functionality in all the filter dropdowns, when displayed in Reports: Pivot tables, Lists and Features: lists, etc
Alejandro Blaas over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Aha Rank sorts by VARCHAR instead of NUMERIC in PIVOT table

Howdy, When sorting by Rank within a PIVOT report it's treating the value as a string and not sorting numerically. Hence you get the following: 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Pivot Table Headers Misaligned

Love that you added headers to rows and columns. However I've noticed that the alignment of the headers frequently is off. It makes the notebook look kind of unprofessional. Can't tell if it's related to word wrap or not - but it just seems to sl...
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Roadmap Digest Email - To Dos

It would be super helpful to be able to see which what feature is associated with a To-Do in the roadmap digest. We send this out to our customer service agents who work with a set of customers. We use the To-Dos to track what customers are partic...
Trit Mulligan over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Summary row/column in new pivot table (totals)

New pivot tables are awesome! And they would be wonderful if we could have a summary row and/or column which would totalize the aggregation chosen in the Select Data
Alejandro Blaas over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Idea Statuses Not Sorted in Proper Sequence in Pivot Report

When adding Feature Status as a field to a Pivot Report as either a Pivot Row or Pivot column, they will automatically sort in the same sequence in which they are sorted in their setup (i.e. Under Consideration -> In Dev -> Shipped). So, it ...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Remove the need to click "Add" when adding new Basic filter

The new filter picker is a pain in terms of usability, but only because I need to click "Add" then "Save" when adding a new basic filter. I constantly find myself clicking "Save" before "Add" which means I need to go back in and reselect all of th...
Jeffrey Heilbrunn over 4 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Provide a unified view for rolling up estimates by assignee when using a combination of Features and Requirements for estimating and assigning tasks

Use case: While features are used for assigning and estimating some work that needs to be done, there are other features that need to have the work split across different developers and also have different estimates. The approach for doing this is...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped