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Customize cards for releases on Calendar report

The calendar is great to look ahead at releases and finding hotspot of delivery/shipping and impact to the customer base. To help with planning having specific metrics show up in the calendar item or at least a flyover box would helpful for decisi...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Add Filter "Idea promoted to Master Feature"

As a Product Manager, I need to filter for ideas that have been promoted to master features so that I can better manage my backlog. I can currently filter for ideas promoted to feature and ideas promoted to initiative. It seems that a filter for p...
Tom Beck almost 7 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Sort Reports by Fields not Visible

Query languages allow the sorting of data by related fields that are not necessarily in the Search criteria in the query and the values in the field sorted on aren't necessarily required to be in the report for one or more reasons (space, relevanc...
Matt Wagnon about 7 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Add "Created by" to initiative reports data fields

When creating reports on Epics or Initiatives etc., which are workspace-centric, it would be helpful to add "Created by" to the reports for workspaces that are shared by more than one product person.
Sharon D almost 4 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Show feature links in Hierarchy reports

I was super excited to see hierarchy reports launch today. In the future, could it be possible show linked features as children of features in this view? So the left column would be a feature, and the right column would be all the features linked ...
Zach Rose almost 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Ability to save Dashboard as PDF

Would like to be able to save dashboard as PDF for viewing outside of Aha
Julie Edwards almost 4 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Day to release field to be added to report

the field "days to release" needs to be added to the fields that we can add to reports. That way I can tell how many days in the red my release is.
Tamer Sabry about 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Allow the use of 'Development started on' date in reports

Hi, we use the Development started on date to represent that event. I'd like to be able to use that date when creating a duration in Timeline reports
Aldon C about 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Strategy Report Sorting

The strategy roadmap is great for planning initiatives on the timeline, but the sorting is problematic - particular when I move an item and it re-sorts the report immediately. This makes it difficult to work down from top to bottom when items are ...
Mike Howard about 4 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Pivot Table - Provide filter option that includes historical/future dates for relative dates

The relative dates is awesome, however when I select "Less than X days ago" I want it to include dates prior to and including current date (today). Since the current functionality doesn't include historical (or future dates or "more than x days ag...
Kyle Carpenter about 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped