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Add URL for idea portal in dataset

We publish idea reports to some portal users that don't have access to the backend but need an easy way to drill down back into the idea from a report. Only URL dataset options today are the the portal URL (but not to the unique idea), and th...
Laura Giles almost 5 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Pivot table: Order products by priority in pivot table

When using Products as a row value in the Roadmap Pivot Table, the products are ordered alphabetically. Is there a way for product managers to specify a unique ordering based on product importance within their portfolio (or some other arbitrary or...
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Reports 6 Shipped

Ability to Filter on 'Record Links' in List View

We need the ability to report on dependencies for Features as they relate to Initiatives- however, in the Dependency Report, you can't categorize by Initiative (you can only add a data point written next to the Feature names - which is confusing &...
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped

Share dashboards as a webpage

Dashboards provide key metrics across products and projects on a single page. This is useful information for people who are not Aha! users. Please add the ability to share dashboards as a webpage.
Austin Merritt almost 4 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Ability to reflect more levels of rollup in pivot reports and custom roadmaps

Currently you can visualize a feature, it's initiative, and the rollup initiative in a pivot or custom roadmap. For companies with more levels of hierarchy this limits what they are able to reflect in reporting. While the hierarchy report allows t...
Bonnie Trei about 5 years ago in Reports 8 Shipped

Allow any user to create a folder

Would it be possible to allow contributors to add new folders to contain reports they create? This will help reduce some of the admin work by the product owners.
Marina Reyna almost 6 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped

Produce a Roadmap without Dates

Well often times a roadmap doesn't and should not have dates from various reasons (no estimate, dates always change). Release plans have dates. As a PM I would like the ability to show/ build a roadmap that is detached from dates that are often no...
Matt Wagnon over 7 years ago in Reports 14 Shipped

Extract roll-up initiative information from different level

We have organized our Aha! products as follow: Product Line Sub-Product Line Products Products At the “Products” level, we create features which are either tied to an initiative at: The “Products” level The “Sub-Product Li...
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 7 Shipped

Report and Notebook 'Dashboard' Needed

As we are building more and more reports across teams and product/product lines, the 'Shared Report' section is getting quite messy and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which report is which with nothing to go on but the name. This is...
Joe Carpenter over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Ability to define filters within an Aha! dashboard

The new Aha! dashboards are great! It would be nice to be able to filter the data contained within those dashboards. For example: I have a dashboard of portfolio initiatives across the organization. Each portfolio leader will want to zoom in and s...
Mark Eaves almost 4 years ago in Reports 4 Shipped