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Ability to reorder features on the Features Workflow board

My development team utilizes the Features Workflow board very heavily in their daily work. We would like to be able to drag and drop features assigned to a specific person so that they were in the priority order that the Product Owner wants the wo...
Danette Colin over 7 years ago in Features 5 Shipped

Feature List of Master Features

As a Product Manager, I want to see a list of my epics. In the Features > List view I can only see features, not master features. Switching to Features > Board or Features > Details allows me to flip back and forth between features and ma...
Tom Beck about 7 years ago in Features 15 Shipped

Ability to stack rank all features within a Product

Right now, drag and drop stack ranking features within a Product is limited to stank ranking features in each Release. The only other way to prioritize across Releases is via a scorecard, but this is tedious for Product Managers who do not want t...
Ankar S almost 5 years ago in Features 4 Shipped

Auto-refresh for custom worksheets w/ 200+ dependencies

Who would benefit? Customers using custom worksheets with 200+ dependencies in formulas What impact would it make? If a custom worksheet is modified, the auto-refresh to update records does not take place if there are 200+ dependencies within the ...
Brittany Rhoney 7 months ago in Features / Reports 1 Shipped

Customizable cards on features board

Being able to quickly identify cards is really important, especially as the feature list gets really long. Being able to add: - Custom fields - Customized display (I can't keep track of the initiative colors -- would be much easier to choose an ic...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 12 Shipped

Edit & change custom field type

I'd like to change a custom field from Editable Choice List to Tags. This would let users choose multiple values instead of a single value. But to do this, I have to delete the field and create another one, which destroys the data I've already ent...
Jonathon Leeke almost 9 years ago in Account settings / Features 9 Shipped

Feature templates

When my team writes features, I want them to be sure to at least think about - and typically actually write - things like key Acceptance tests, a short narrative about the market problem the feature solves (could be in user story form), and how th...
Nils Davis over 9 years ago in Features 9 Shipped

Sort features board

Is there any way to sort the features on the board rather than having to go into the details or List view to sort? We want to see the features presented in a particular order (score, status, etc.) in the board view to see all releases together and...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 13 Shipped

Allow Feature Cards to be customized in Workflow view

I'm able to customize feature cards in the Board view to display the info most important to me. I'd like to do the same in the Workflow view.
Guest about 8 years ago in Features 3 Shipped

Setting "record links" on Requirements

I would like to be able to set record links at the requirement level, e.g. to say that a requirement in one product depends on a requirement in another product. Currently I can do this at the feature level but that doesn't give me enough informati...
Kevin Burges almost 7 years ago in Features 4 Shipped