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Create a link to open a portal from the portal settings

After I edit an idea portal, it would be nice to have a link somewhere I can click on to open it from settings.
Jonathan Steel over 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Allow ideas to be promoted to existing features

When promoting an idea to a feature, provide the option to promote to an existing feature so the status of the idea can be updated as the feature moves through development to release.
Shawn Pons over 6 years ago in Ideas 3 Already exists

Indicate tabs that cannot be edited in the new Idea Layout Builder

There is no clear indication of what tabs can be selected and edited in the idea layout builder. The overview tab is the only one that additional feilds can be added to but that's not clear in the UI.
Connor McCollum about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Ideas Portal: Contributor to be able to manage users of Ideas Portal

For the Enterprise-level license, you have to be an Admin to be able to set up Ideas Portal. Once set up, why can't you enable Contributors to add or remove users to that Portal?
Mike M about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Need to be able to see the required information for an idea ion one tab, not many

We need to be able to view all public comments and provide admin responses based on what we read there. Prior to the change this was easy as the idea name, description, public comments and the ability to add an admin response was all on the same p...
Wayne Barelds about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Make the ideas vote count more prominent

Challenge: The ideas vote tab count is easily missed, especially when the idea description is long which pushes the tab bar lower on the screen. Desired experience: Consider making the vote count more prominent
Julie Price about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Admin Response Visible on Ideas landing page

We would like to highlight the admin responses we post to Ideas on the Idea Portal landing page, without requiring users to click into the specific idea to see our response. It would better highlight the product team's action in reviewing/respondi...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Ability to hide or read only fields on Ideas & features layouts

As there is no way to pass-on the ideas category from Ideas layout to the promoted features layout, I created a custom field to pass on the value. Due to this there are two category fields on the ideas layout which is causing confusion to users. C...
Jyothirmayi Talaparthy about 3 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Need to access the Organization Name in filters and reports

Its critical we can run reports and get data on the ideas by Organization Name from SDFC, Crazy! this field is not seachable or filterable. We MUST have this in the product or we need to conder moving to another product . We have used custom table...
Michael Marfise about 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Idea bubble chart's Color dimension needs to be fully customizable

We need the ability to control the Idea bubble chart's Color dimension's gradient scale and numeric range/scale, just as we can control all aspects of the other dimensions in that bubble chart. Currently, the Color dimension applies a seemingly r...
Guest over 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration