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Create templates of pre-existing Strategy Visions and Business Models

Add a new drop list have Template/Layout - Create Layout Template to create a template of pre-existing Vision of Business Model layouts. To use existing template, use new drop list - Apply Template and a sublist is shown. All layout templates are ...
Ben Dair over 7 years ago in Strategy 7 Shipped

Filter goals and initiatives by more than one attribute

As a Product Manager, I would like filtering across Aha! to be consistent, not different depending on what I'm trying to filter. In strategy (initiatives and goals), I can only filter by one status category Or one status OR one time frame. In re...
Tom Beck over 7 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Ability to move goals to different products

At the moment you can move initiatives and features to different products, but not goals. You can even clone a release from one product to another. However you can't move a goal from one product to another. This is a pain when restructuring a lar...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 7 Shipped

Initiatives - custom status fields and status color

Is it possible to edit/change/create new statuses for the Initiative Status? Right now the values are Achieved, On Track, Some Progress, At Risk, Abandoned and Not Started. We would like to use different values and colors.
Suzanne Vaughan over 9 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Sort Initiative Roadmap by Product or Color

The primary sort for the initiatives on the roadmap is by start date. There is no available configuration for the secondary sort, it is hard coded to be alphabetical. I would like to show a different secondary sort (ie by product to show product l...
Jamie Burr over 8 years ago in Roadmaps / Strategy 6 Shipped

Allow custom fields on Initiatives

I would like to be able to add custom fields to initiatives. Potential uses are assigning ownership of specific initiatives or setting dates for planned start and finish. We have multiple products with interdependent initiatives. I would realy lik...
Guest over 9 years ago in Strategy 8 Shipped

Global ranking among initiatives

We have a need to have a global ranking among our initiatives across products & product lines. Today there is no good way in Aha! to have a forced ranking among the portfolio initiatives. Sorting initiatives based on e.g. score doesn't help ei...
Marcus Gadré over 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Ability to save view for Initiatives workflow

I have created a SAFE portfolio kanban board using Initiatives. I'd like to easily share this view with others in my team, but at the moment they have to recreate the view for themselves. I can share via a presentation or export (image, pdf) but t...
Nick Mariette over 4 years ago in Strategy 8 Shipped

Initiative view filters and/or columns

As the initiative count goes up, the Strategy -> Initiatives screen becomes less and less useful due to the lack of filters. I see two improvements that would make this feature much more useful to customers that do significant planning (which r...
David Marble almost 6 years ago in Strategy 5 Shipped

Add another level between features and initiatives

I was thrilled when the new Strategy Roadmap feature was added to Aha....until I realized that it won't work for us. From the release notes: "Use the new Strategy -> Roadmap view for doing top-down, longer range planning and highlight your maj...
Cy Caine almost 9 years ago in Strategy 9 Shipped