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Configure columns for features and master features on goals and initiatives view

We are reporting goals and initiatives directly from the views by adding to presentation. We would like to have an ability to configure and add other columns to feature name and status columns. We specifically want to add external release date.
Kote Khutsishvili over 4 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Set how initiatives order in Goal view

When creating reports, initiatives can be shown based on the order they appear in Strategy > Initiatives and this can carry through to reports which is great if you prioritize the initiatives and want to convey that in your reports. However, ...
Melanie Shedd almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

API to retrieve content added in strategic business models

The strategic business model contains detailed information about the project and its value proposition. It would be really useful if this could be extracted with an API call.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

adding option of "check list" for any canvas created

My team and I would benefit greatly from having the option to add a checklist that doesn't strike through the items as we list them out in a canvas. it would be nice to highlight what aspects we have and whiche ones we are missing and having the c...
Guest about 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Expose Strategic Model Components for Pivot Reporting

When creating a pivot report across a number of products the Strategic Model components are not available from the object list. My use case is that I would like to consuct a review of the assembled components across a number of products within a p...
Paul Dickie over 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Initiatives: Clicking "press enter to add new" brings you to detail screen for first initiative

When creating your first initiative, if you choose to either press "enter" or click on the "click here to add another" link you get sent to the detail of the first initiative (detail slider comes out). You should get a new box to create a second i...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Initiatives misaligned when using "create initiative" button

When adding initiatives using the "create initiative" button, the last initiative added will be indented. Then, if you click on any other initiative to bring out the detail slider, that initiative will be indented. Tested 3 times on Chrome Browse...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Let an initiative have prefix-## as items/epics have as well.

In our organization, people quickly adopted the prefix-## scheme when talking about items, ideas or epics. They are more easy to memorize than titles that might change over time. This is missing for initiatives, especially when copying the link wh...
Christoph Zehentner about 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Maximize the viewable screen for Models

Firstly, thanks very much for all the improvements on models. I provided some input to these changes, and we started using them the day they were released. Thanks again. Small improvement - Make the space on the left collapsible where the list of...
Ed Fullman about 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Add Ansoff Product Matrix to strategy offering

As part of a larger strategic planning initiative, an Ansoff matrix is a communication tool which helps you see the possible growth strategies for a company. This can be directly applied to a product, or group of products to identify market strate...
Matt Gunnell over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Shipped