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Product Portfolio Mapping Tool

As a CPO or C-Level executive, I would like to have a tool where I can map all my products within a certain framework / grid / map. For example, I have product for certain industries (finance, banking, software companies), customer types (startups...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

BMC pdf export - Need Product Header at top of page

When exporting a Product's BMC via PDF, the PDF itself looks great, but their is no header showing to which Product it belongs. Any chance we could get that included, PLEASE? Thanks!
Joe Carpenter almost 6 years ago in Product 1 Future consideration

Product editing and integrations editing history

As an admin and product owner i would like to review product editing and integrations editing hisory to avoid mistakes and better control when multiple admins/product owners are working on the same products.
Guest about 3 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Extract Logo and other related fields

API that can help access the Logo and other image fields specific to a product
Guest about 3 years ago in Product 3 Future consideration

Automatic entry of "Release Date" on Gantt Chart - Can that be optional?

I want to have a release with multiple phases and milestones without a single "release date", so I would like to be able to remove that and by default that release is on the top of other releases.
Guest about 3 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

Products have a short description that would appear when a client is choosing where to put their idea.

I would like the ability to add a description of the products that are in Aha! This would be so useful when a client in submitting an idea. When they do this, the client needs to choose which product their idea refers to. It may seem like a small,...
Guest about 3 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Ability to track customer stories

It would be great to have a facility to profile key customer stories in the same way that we can competitors, this would assist in communicating value propositions in line with our product strategy. A default template could include: Overview, Re...
Fraser Mayfield over 6 years ago in Product 2 Already exists

Add "Undo" button into the HTML editor

When trying to adjust line spacing in an HTML form, tables often get deleted when trying to just delete a line space. There is currently no "undo" button. The only way of restoring the deletion is to view the history and copy/paste it back in.
Julie Edwards over 3 years ago in Product 0 Already exists

Scorecards in "Used In" on "Configure Aha! scorecards"

The "Used In" column on the "Configure Aha! scorecards" page ignores conditions where scorecards are used by custom fields. I would expect it to display the name of the product that is inheriting a scorecard via a custom field. I almost killed a...
Tom Beck over 3 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Custom Type for Product

We are expanding our use of Aha to include non-Product groups, such as Marketing. Would help to be able to change the Type on the Product configuration in the same way you can for Product Line.
Guest over 6 years ago in Product 0 Already exists