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Rename the Retrospective Tab in Aha! Develop reports

What is the challenge? This report is not a retrospective it's and End of Sprint Report. What is the impact? Not much of an impact once you open the report and see what it is, however it's disappointing that it's not a retrospective tool when you ...
Mike Lowery 24 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Allow multiple assignees on Features and requirements

What is the challenge? Many teams have more than 1 person working on something. For example a couple of devs and a tester could be working on a complicated feature together. We currently can't do that. Additionally for performance reviews it's nic...
Mike Lowery 24 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Sprint Planning page filter only applies to the sprint not the backlog.

What is the challenge? When I filter the sprint planning page to help me look for something, it only filters the work assigned to the sprint and not the prioritised backlog What is the impact? It does not help me look for the thing on the backlog ...
Mike Lowery 24 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Add Ability to Change Default Font

What is the challenge? Inter font is not very crisp and difficult to read when presenting on large screens. What is the impact? Presentations and Dashboards that are displayed on screens in any forum aside from a desktop monitor become difficult t...
Gary Goz 24 days ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Convert Framework into Active Workflow

What is the challenge? Managing the logistics of a complex framework What is the impact? Save time, coordinate better, deliver better product, faster. Describe your idea After creating a framework it would be awesome to have it turn into an automa...
Steve Dagless 24 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Add to-do's and comments to Frameworks

What is the challenge? Need to maintain to-dos and a comment thread, specific to a Framework or its steps. What is the impact? Dialogue and activities relating to the creation and maintenance of Frameworks have to be maintained outside of the Fram...
Steve Dagless 24 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Develop Backlog Management Page, gets cluttered really quickly

What is the challenge? If you are only working on one feature and don't have many engineering activities, the backlog management page works just fine. However if you are on a busy team that handles demand from many stakeholders with a lot of engin...
Mike Lowery 24 days ago in Sprints 0 Future consideration

Include Frameworks in Reports

What is the challenge? The data model for Frameworks isn't available in Aha! reports What is the impact? We can't report on what's out there Describe your idea Add the data components for Frameworks to the custom report query builder.I guess it's ...
Steve Dagless 24 days ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Rank Initiatives

What is the challenge? Products often have more than 1 initiative to support goals. What is the impact? Teams don't receive clear consistent direction on prioritized initiatives Describe your idea Add the ability to Rank initiatives such that the ...
Penny Gerstner 24 days ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

Add option for adding use cases

What is the challenge? What is the impact? Describe your idea
Guest 25 days ago in Strategy 1 Will not implement