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Track CapEx Hours and Story Points

Our company needs the ability to track CapEx hours as well as utilize the story points on the features. It would be nice to have a way to track CapEx hours at the requirements level.
Nicole Freeman about 2 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Dark mode for Roadmaps Application

I couldn't tell if the other dark mode request was for Roadmaps application. The white is blinding.
kristin gerhard steiner 11 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Changing the filter in pivot requires report refresh to reflect the changes

Hello, I'm using the customized pivot table for Portfolio Management and I need to add and remove multiple filters several times a day. Each time I change something in filter, page asks me to refresh the report to reflect the filter changes. That'...
Mariam B 9 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Remove Releases gantt chart releases filter as primary filter

Aligns to how every other screen/section works with multiple filters, not having one filter that limits the flexibility of the screen.
Steven Schafer 7 days ago in Releases 0

Configure email verification email

It is possible to configure every single email related to the Ideas (public) portal, except for the one customers get when they first sign up to the portal (so not via an invite, just through submitting an idea). We need to be able to customise th...
Steph Reddington 7 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

MS365 SSO feature

Hi, Adding the identity provider based on ms365 server could be a great idea.
Guest 2 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration
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Add conditions to Automation rules

It would be useful to add conditions to the new automation rules feature to allow for more targeted behavior. For example in my internal ideas portal, I have an approval step in the ideas workflow between "needs review" and the next step in the pr...
Ronnie Merkel over 2 years ago in Application 12 Future consideration

Product Modelling based on Capabilities

Besides the ideas, features and epics management with aha, i would propose to add a functionality to "modell your product" - with that i mean a graphical modeller to structure the main functional and technical building blocks of my product. This i...
Guest about 1 month ago in Roadmaps 1 Future consideration

Create Separate User Permissions for report sharing

Based on previous experience with other systems, I'd like to suggest a feature to restrict report sharing to certain user types. While any user can create and save their own reports for personal use, there is a concern that folks will save a large...
Billie McKee 21 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Visual cue to identify if changes are automatically saved or not

While building out our environment, I have lost work because I didn't realize I had to save. On the Add a Scorecard, there is a visual at the top letting me know it is automatically saved. It would be great have this indicator on all setup screens...
Guest 7 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration