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Add ability to reference 'Created by email domain' in worksheet fields for ideas

It would be helpful to include the 'Created by email domain' in worksheet equations so that we could evaluate if an idea was created by an internal or external domain.
Kristina Gass over 1 year ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Offline working

Probably technically a nightmare but it would be amazing if I could work offline and sync updates when I get back online (as I become more dependent on AHA - those moments in the middle of nowhere on a train or on planes etc are where I want to be...
Andy Darrant almost 9 years ago in Application 4 Unlikely to implement

Ability for Contributors to Add free seats only

We want to allow contributors to be able to add users as 'free seats' in the Menu: Info > Users. Use Case: A contributor clicks on 'User' button to select either A) an existing user or B) add a new user 'email' as a free seat
Mike Jacobson about 2 years ago in Application 0 Unlikely to implement

Clone Ideas and features across multiple products

Many times we come up with ideas that is related to multiple product like .com and mobile. It would be awesome if we could associate one feature and /or idea to multiple products using cloning.
Guest almost 10 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Automatically create new copy features in other workspaces based on feature tags

Who would benefit? Any product owner that has multiple workspaces or multiple tiers of workspaces. What impact would it make? Reduce the amount of work by creating tickets once instead of copying and moving. Further, changes in the feature in one ...
Guest 9 months ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Arbitrary sorting in reports, using values of data in row or column headers

It is awesome to see greater sorting features released (e.g. Thank you. Unfortunately that update doesn't solve one of my sorting needs. I have a timeline report, in which I visualise release names and ...
Nick Mariette almost 7 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

Ability to enter 'time logged' quicker and easier across multiple features, releases, products etc

Hi As we are moving more towards Aha time tracking facility, would it be possible to have a quicker/simpler way to enter time. Currently the team log time in 1 hour increments and with upto 8-10 hours a day, this can be upto 8-10 feature cards th...
Guest over 8 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow the Features list view to show Epics

We've started building out our roadmap in Aha! using the Epics functionality. One thing I have found tricky is locating Epics after I've created them, as I can only see them within the context of a Release or Parking Lot. After enabling the "List"...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Epic 2 Unlikely to implement

Allow for developer notes/private comments in Feature Cards; only viewed by owners and those working the feature cards

There are conversations our team would like to contain with in a Feature Cards that are only viewed by our team members.
Carolee Snarr almost 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications / Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Ability to filter reports on release template

I'd like to see all the open releases associated with a specific release template, as of right now this not possible as they are all named different things.
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 1 Unlikely to implement