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Add ability to sync custom table one to many field with AZURE DevOps Fields

I would like to be able to sync a one to many custom field, that links ties to a custom table, we have added to our requirements (PBIs), with the iteration path from DevOps. This does not appear to be possible.The reason for this is that we have c...
Jonathan Lewit 19 days ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Ability to collapse workspaces in user management/assigment

I would like to be able to collapse workspaces I know I don't need when assigning user access so I don't have to scroll through long lists.
Guest 19 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Add Paid Seat Group to Aha API

With Enterprise+ we have the ability to group users for others to assist and track their own business unit's users. However, since we are using scripted updates to add/update users utilizing the API we cannot update that portion of the user's reco...
David Pettit 19 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Request additional information when idea is interesting

We do not want to request a lot of information when we invite someone to add an idea. If the idea is interesting, we might want to add additional fields, so the user/customer includes additional information like: Video pitchImagesBenefits / CostTh...
Guest 19 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Standardization in release name

Dear Team. We would like to create releases centrally for our entire Product Suite consisting around 20 workspaces. You advised me to consider the roll-up releases function which is great still we have to define our own unified release names manua...
Krisztina Hodjan 20 days ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Edit personas inline

Currently when you click a field in a persona, the drawer opens and you must make edits there. It would be ideal if you could click into a personal field and edit the data right inline.
Austin Merritt 20 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Send User Invites in Bulk after User CSV Import

After using the CSV Import to load users into AHA in preparation for a Go-Live (without sending emails upon load), we then need to be able to come back in at the time of the go-live and mass send Invites to users. Would be great if you could che...
Guest 20 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Allow creation of new entries in Many to One custom table

I love the custom table functionality, but there seems to be no way to add a new entry from the feature itself. I have to go to the custom table and add a row that way. It would be much nicer if I could just add a new record via the selection box ...
Guest 20 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Change positioning of log in button on ideas portal

Some of our users complained about the log in button being at the bottom of the ideas categories list on the left side of an ideas portal. We had several cases, where users have not find the log in button in the first place (and with this also the...
Guest 20 days ago in Ideas portal 1 Already exists

User list download enhancement

CSV export of user lists should only download the product line(s) and workspaces selected. Currently the user export shows EVERYTHING despite the fact I chose a select list. I spend an additional 30 min hunting down my workspaces, highlighting the...
Cindy Datlof 21 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration