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Allow customizing competitor scorecards at product line level

We have some product lines with many individual products and we track the competitors at the product line level. We would like to customize the scorecard used for competitors (cost being one metric we want to add). Currently Aha! only allows assig...
Guest about 4 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

When creating a master release, allow setting custom fields

When creating a master release, one needs to set custom fields for every sub-release manually. It would be great if one could assign custom fields to master release and they would be automatically applied to all sub-releases.
Juraj Polak about 4 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Prevent modifying feature fields by roles/permissions

I'd like to be able to assign people tasks but prevent them from modifying the name, description, etc. of that task. We define requirements, and anyone is able to modify the description of a task (or the requirements). Sometimes that's necessary...
Guest about 4 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Put back the side slider when viewing promoted feature link

When I am reviewing a list of ideas and I promote one to a feature. I usually click on the feature link within the idea to put it where it should go, tag it, move it to our ticketing system and then work the next idea. Since you made the feature l...
Guest about 4 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Ability to restrict editing for Ideas Portal

Due to the limitation of , we compromised to put all the products in one ideas portal. Currently we have about 10+ products in this list and it could easily grow into tripple digits. With that many product...
Ravi Prasad about 4 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Unlikely to implement

Aha/Trello integration - Make requirements into cards

Today, aha maps Features--> Cards and Requirements to the check list. We would like the option to map requirements to cards and features to lists.
Khitchner Khitchner about 4 years ago in  0 Already exists

Delete To-Dos when they have been reassigned to another user

Because I was one of the first people in my company to gain access to Aha! I have been the one creating most of the user stories (features), requirements, and To-Dos, so they automatically are assigned to me. When I go in to change the assignee to...
Danette Colin about 4 years ago in My work 4 Already exists

Can we get a fresh copy of the Fredwin sample data for importing?

As a long time user, my copy of the Fredwin Cycling data doesn't contain many of the newer features (i.e. custom tables). I use the Fredwin dataset as a sample for my users to refer back to and see how it used as a sandbox type environment.It woul...
Joe Carpenter about 4 years ago in Application 3 Unlikely to implement

Allow creation of idea at Salesforce Account level

Right now, you can link an already created idea at the Salesforce account level, but you can create a new idea. This has been requested from many of our solution architects supporting current customers. Would be a big help in encouraging additiona...
Rob Parrish about 4 years ago in Wanted 1 Already exists

Add an option to make the First and Last Name fields Required

I don't want "Guests" to be able to suggest an idea :)
Guest about 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement