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Roll Up Release Filter

I'm able to add Roll-Up Release Name as a data element on my reports. However, I can't filter by the same field.If I were able to filter by the name, then that field is effectively a flag to determine whether a release rolls under another release ...
Gabe Pinedo 1 day ago in Releases 0

Add ability to customise the message that is shown to people that have not been provisioned a user in the account

When SSO is used and a user attempts to access the company aha instance, they are presented with a list of the emails of the people who have billing permissions (not sure if only when the account does not have available seats). Either way, compani...
Stefan Stefanov 2 days ago in Account settings 0

Add a search bar into the Notification Preferences settings page

If you are trying to only turn notification settings on/off for a few Products, you need to open up a lot of drop down boxes to reach the final Product.If there was a search bar at the top, you could easily type in the first few letters of the Pro...
Guest 6 days ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Allow scrolling on dashboard widgets when shared as a Webpage

When sharing a dashboard as a Webpage to stakeholders, the individual widgets do not scroll. This makes it appear to stakeholders as if what is displayed 'above the fold' on the report is the only data available, when there is usually more data a...
Kalyndra Craven 8 days ago in Reports 0 Likely to implement

Enable Progress Calculation as a Workspace setting

It would be nice to default the progress calculation for Goals, Initiatives and Epics at a Workspace level so that product managers don't have to do it at a record level for every goal, initiative and epic. It is tedious and leads to data error as...
Praseetha Balakrishnan about 1 month ago in  0 Future consideration

Improvements for story maps with many features

Story maps are pretty much broken when you have a lot of features. A few things could make this easier:Enable a way to add an epic WITH its features; right now, I have to add an epic, remember what features it had and add it to a user story mapEna...
Nir Soffer 7 days ago in Epic 2 Future consideration

Set public comments as the default view in new detail view redesign.

I've been using the new redesign for the past several days and I am overall finding it less efficient to access the data I need then before. One area that has been annoying and is requiring an extra click is that the comments tab of the ideas det...
Jon Kremer 30 days ago in Ideas 6 Future consideration

Make timeline bars for releases on the built-in Portfolio Roadmap use the Release Start Date field

Currently the built-in Portfolio Roadmap uses the Release End Date field to plot the timeline bars but the beginning of the bar is based on the a date inherited from the earliest date of any child Features in the Release.This leads to a messy, co...
Paul Edge 12 days ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Enable right click advanced editing function

According to the engineering team, the advanced editor functionality (right clicking options) is not supported today. eg. Undo, etc. Keyboard shortcuts work. Please enable advanced editor functionality as many users operate off of this shortcut ov...
Cindy Datlof 12 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Capacity planning: option to pre-populate teams

Please provide an option to pre-populate the list of teams in the capacity planning section of each epic. We have 14 teams where we're capturing estimates. When entering capacity data, it's very onerous having to manually add a row for each team t...
Brian Trombley 10 days ago in Epic 0 Future consideration