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Customize sprint planning cards

It would be great if we could configure the cards displayed on the sprint planning board. This would allow us to make prioritization decisions based on multiple factors.
Nathaniel Collum about 3 years ago in Sprints 2 Shipped

Allow new Develop teams to be added to existing PIs

Who would benefit? Teams using Aha! Develop who are growing and adding new groups of developers. What impact would it make? This would make it possible to easily expand to new teams without having to involved Aha! Engineering or reset all PI setup...
Austin Merritt 6 months ago in Sprints 1 Shipped

Reflect logged work in sprint planning and burndown chart

Sprint Planning should include tracking logged time not just completed. That way we can track progress towards being done. Today Completed is only updated when sprint item (Requirement or Feature) is done. This does not allow for time consumed tra...
Clark Milner almost 3 years ago in Sprints 1 Shipped

Determine sprint capacity based on team member availability

I need to understand each team member's capacity when planning a sprint. I determine how much time each person has available for work by examining their time off, prior commitments, and the portion of their time committed to my team. I want to ent...
Jeff Tucker over 2 years ago in Sprints 1 Shipped

Support sprint retrospective view

Once I have completed a sprint, I want to refer to the detail within the Sprint Planning view. For example, in my sprint retrospecive which happens after a sprint is completed, I'd like to be able to see: Planned estimate Completed estimate List o...
Madeleine Black about 3 years ago in Sprints 3 Shipped

Move incomplete features to next sprint

We don't follow a strict agile methodology. It's quite common for many features to move to the next sprint once our current sprint is finished. Currently, these features have to be moved one-at-a-time. I'd love a way to easily move all unfinished ...
Nathaniel Collum about 3 years ago in Sprints 0 Shipped

Adjust sprint dates on burndown chart

Sometimes I forget to click the "start sprint" button after sprint planning. I'll notice a few days later and start it then. The burndown chart starts from when I clicked "start sprint", not from the scheduled sprint dates. I would like the burndo...
Jeff Tucker over 2 years ago in Reports / Sprints 0 Shipped

Completing a sprint is almost invisible

Completing a sprint is so fast it's almost invisible. It would be great if an alert popped up or if there were an animation to close and ship it. Without a confirmation experience it makes me think I did something wrong.
Nathaniel Collum about 3 years ago in Sprints 0 Shipped

Filter the backlog by tag

I've also been asked by a colleague if it could be possible to have multiple backlogs within a team, to enable richer/more powerful planning through the division/segregation of backlogs. I suggested to use tags, and filter - but the workflow board...
Mark D about 3 years ago in Sprints 1 Shipped

Change sprints cadence in a program increment

I can't find how to change start/end date of sprints, we would like to make these monthly (not weekly)
Lewis Dyer over 1 year ago in Sprints 4 Shipped