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My ideas: Capacity planning

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Display release capacity bar on features board when team planning is enabled

What is the challenge? Currently, the release capacity bar only shows on the features/epics board when individual planning is enabled in the workspace. However, it is not actually a requirement to be using individual capacity planning in order to ...
Reilly O'Connor about 16 hours ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Add report filter to include/exclude scheduled team changes

When reporting on my capacity planning teams the report will show both the current team data and also any scheduled changes to that team. This results in duplicate rows in a list report when a team has any scheduled changes. I would like to filter...
Justin Waldorf 7 days ago in Capacity planning / Reports 0 Planning to implement

Track History on Teams Record

What is the challenge? When changes are made to a Teams Work Schedule, Count, Date Range, or Custom Fields we are unable to see those changes, when and who made them. What is the impact? We cannot trace back changes to the user who made them. Desc...
Lorena Connolly 8 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Edit work schedule from the team details

What is the challenge? I'm unable to edit the work schedule when accessing it while viewing a team for team capacity planning. I have to click out of my screens, then navigate to the work schedule tab under Settings > Account > Customization...
Becca Bommarito 16 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

What if planning assistance

What is the challenge? It's rare when planning the next quarter/s that you have any real data about the size of the work you are planning. You can get engineering to do detailed estimates but that's wasteful and usually wrong, you can use gut feel...
Mike Lowery 27 days ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Support named ranges with points as the base unit

What is the challenge? Named ranges require users to set ranges corresponding to time estimates. However, many teams use points as their common way of estimating. T-shirt sizes will correspond to a range of points. Points are also what come back a...
Max Robbins about 1 month ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Update feature dates based on changes to remaining estimate

What is the challenge? Scenario: You have entered a detailed estimate and started logging work. You realize that there is a lot more work to do, so you update the remaining estimate to reflect the additional time required to complete it. Currently...
Chris Quigley about 2 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Differentiate Story Points for Bugs and Technical Tasks When Combining Acceptance Criteria with Story Points

What is the challenge? We are currently unable to differentiate the story points for bugs and technical tasks when we combine acceptance criteria with story points. This limitation prevents us from creating a holistic view of the completed work an...
Kumar S about 2 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Be able to use CSV to Import People into teams for Capacity Planning

What is the challenge? Currently need to manually add people to teams for capacity planning What is the impact? Manual input which takes time if you have a lot of teams Describe your idea Be able to create a CSV file to do the import
Suraiya Gobeil 2 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Report on capacity team total people based on workspace default assignee

What is the challenge? When using the capacity report with detailed estimates, you will see a team associated with a record based on the capacity team the assignee of the record is associated with. However, this same association back to capacity t...
Paweł Żmuda 3 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration