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Ability to custom color schedules on the gantt chart

When there are different categories of schedules -- product launches, trade shows, etc -- it would be useful to apply a custom color to the schedule so when viewing on the gantt it is easy to quickly tell what schedules are related. It would also...
Guest over 5 years ago in Schedules 4 Future consideration

Moving Dependent Items in Gantt

In the Gantt chart when we move one item which has dependency link with other items, ideally all those should move but that doesn't seems to be happening. Is that a feature missing and how soon can we have that? There could be multiple counter arg...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Schedules 2 Future consideration

Show both Phases AND Epics on a Gantt chart

What is the challenge? While we can make use of both epics and phases on a given Schedule (aka Release), we have no way visualize both in the same Gannt chart. How would you solve it? Create a new Gannt Type option for "Schedules, phases, epics, a...
Kim Bremer 4 months ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Add activities to schedule template w/ phases

In our organization we have a process that has specific phases w/ specific activities in each phase. It would be helpful to be able to create a schedule template w/ phases and the activities within that phase so we can easily standardize schedules...
Danielle Martinez about 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

When moving a feature from one release to another, the progress should not count against the capacity of the new release.

Often times a feature is not completed within a given release, and it must be moved to the next release. Currently, if a feature has an estimate of 100p and 50p are completed in one release, then that feature is moved to a new release, all 100p ar...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Status Indicators in Left Side Display in Gantt View

I have a schedule with many activities, displaying in Gantt view. Some of the activities are marked 'Will not do', but it is not obvious until you click on the item and view the field. This makes it difficult when reviewing in a meeting. If there ...
Guest about 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Add "Release Date (external)" on the release create template

When our product owners schedule a long term release, the only option on the create field is to choose a hard release date, which makes them nervous. I would like to provide the "Release Date (external)" field upon create so they can choose the qu...
Nadim Sobhani about 3 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Capacity by Sprint

Capacity for teams is currently available to set up at a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. It would be helpful for teams that are planning sprints, to be able to set a capacity for each item (Theme/epic/feature) per sprint. Once this is done, ...
samir karandikar almost 4 years ago in Schedules 3 Future consideration

tie workflow approvals to activities within a project/schedule

workflow approval does not apply across activities within a project — meaning you cannot bar someone from working on activity B until activity A is completed. In our current process, task A needs to happen before task B -Z. Right now, it seems lik...
Guest over 4 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Create a new release and set start date

Challenge When planning and creating a new product release or marketing schedule, we may not know the due date yet. However, we do know when we'd like to start. Desired experience When creating a release (new or copy), option to set either the sta...
Julie Price almost 5 years ago in Releases / Schedules 0 Future consideration