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Add a toggle to the dashboard panel that will keep the source roadmap and the panel in synch when any formatting changes happen at source

I can understand the rational of keeping formatting options between a source roadmap or pivot chart different. However there is also a good argument to want to always keep the dashboard and the source report in synch. Right now, many of our users ...
Andrew Brooks about 1 hour ago in Roadmaps 0

Allow bulk moving of reports

Reports often get created at the root level when first starting use of Aha but over time multiple users require different report folders. Then you need to move reports into those new folders.There is no bulk move feature so it is a lot of effort t...
Dave Tucker about 2 hours ago in Reports 0

When adding a large roadmap to a dashboard panel allow the group by columns to "float" when scrolling down that roadmap

When scrolling down in a panel, you can often lose the context of the group by column. It would be usedul to have the text float down as you scroll.
Andrew Brooks about 3 hours ago in Roadmaps 0

Idea Details Layout

When you are in the Ideas details screen there is no option within Aha! to go back to the list of ideas or to see a list of the ideas. The only way to navigate back is to hit the back button in your browser which is a bit clunky. It would be much ...
Dan Jeffery about 23 hours ago in Ideas 0

Filter by 'Latest record'

We store status updates in a custom table on the Activity record. When retrieving status reports for reporting we need the 'latest report'; if we use a date range we retrieve multiple records for some activities.
Guest about 24 hours ago in Application 0

Support photos inside the description field

The ability to embed photos as part of the description of an idea, that helps explain the idea especially when adding multiple photos and need to explain each one.
Tomer 1 day ago in Ideas portal 0

Sync Epic Status with Included Features

I would like to see the logic below mirrored for the Epic>Feature relationship. We aren't using requirements due to our Jira integration, but we would still like automatic status updates.Finally, the status changes of a feature's requirements ...
Corey West 1 day ago in Epic 0

Ability to add a label to the blank results in a Graph or Chart

When creating a graph or a chart where there are empty or blank results. Aha! gives that result a colour with no name. Instead , allow the user to add a label, or by default it label it as blank.
Andrew Brooks 2 days ago in Presentations 0

Support approvals in mobile app

Most of the individuals doing approvals in our organization are very mobile and time constrained. It would be helpful if they could approve items at wherever and whenever most convenient for them.
Guest 2 days ago in To-dos 0

Do not allow the reviewer to change the workspace for ideas created within Aha

Reviewers can Create and edit ideas from within Aha!, this is fine but they have the capability of changing workspaces. This is not ideal when you want to manage the funnel and pass all ideas in one workspace before promoting / rejecting. When cr...
Guest 2 days ago in Ideas 0