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My ideas: Asana

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Allow record mapping to Asana Projects

Asana best practices recommend projects represent distinct bodies of work with start and end dates. The Aha! integration requires, in the set up, selection of an Asana Project to connect the workspace to. This requires a new integration for every ...
Bonnie Trei over 2 years ago in Asana 0 Future consideration

Allow for mapping to-dos in Asana integration

In some cases, Asana sub-tasks are more closely related to Aha! to-dos than requirements. For example, a feature may have to-dos related to marketing tasks which need to sync with Asana. An option to map To-dos to Tasks or Subtask would provide a ...
Austin Merritt about 6 years ago in Asana / Integrations 4 Future consideration

Add 'Team' field for Asana integration setup

Please support setting the "Team" field in the Asana integration.
Moustafa Aly 9 months ago in Asana / Integrations 0 Future consideration

Allow mapping of sub-subtasks

My organization has our Asana projects set up such that "sub-subtasks" would map to "requirements" in Aha. So basically, task = master feature, sub-task = feature, and sub-subtask = requirement. I know this may be somewhat of an uncommon mapping, ...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Asana 0 Future consideration

Update Asana integration to use milestones

Asana introduced Milestones in 2020. These are closely analogous to Aha releases. The only option to link a release in Aha is to a column in Asana - I guess because there was no Milestone at the time. This is now not ideal and means that we cannot...
Guest over 3 years ago in Asana 0 Future consideration