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Have reports force the user to change their workspace

We have leveraged the ability to change the taxonomy per workspace to be very relevant to the context of that workspace.When I create a report that is intended to show details for a specific workspace, it makes the most sense when the user views i...
Alex Horan 11 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Rally Integration: Allow Rally "Programs" integration to Aha's "Goals"

Our Rally implementation uses a Lean Agile decomposition model - Programs, Business Increments (BIs), Minimum Business Increments (MBIs), and Features. BIs map nicely to Aha Initiatives, MBIs map to Epics, and Features map to Features. We use Pr...
Guest 11 days ago in Rally 0 Future consideration

Capture and add attributes (Labels) to users names

We want to be able to measure over time how engaged specific user groups are when using Aha! and then use that to information to show utilisation. So for example I want to show a report that shows week by week how many Programme Managers who have ...
Andrew Brooks 12 days ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Be able to link feature to initiatives only starting from a specific status

When we are working on the roadmap we draft some initiatives for the next releases. Before we have the budget confirmation initiatives are not confirmed, so it would be perfect if they could not be seen and linked to the feature.In the same way, i...
Stefano pedrini 12 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Share the list of value among different custom fields

We have some custom fields that are replicated for Epic, Feature and Requirement (e.g. Area Path for the integration with Azure DevOps).They have a long list of values we need to replicate and maintain three times instead of one.It would be perfec...
Stefano pedrini 12 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Add bulk edit to Editable Choice List fields

Add bulk edit mode we have for Predefined choice list also to Editable choice list fields. This to have the same usability and off course to speed up data entry and maintenance.
Stefano pedrini 12 days ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Strategy Model Templates - Allow text to be editable (not just tooltip)

For the strategy model, while tooltips are helpful, we also use it to enter text and modify it within the areas. For instance, we include all options of a persona and they select from the list by deleting the others.
Kayleigh Anzalone 12 days ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Indicate tabs that cannot be edited in the new Idea Layout Builder

There is no clear indication of what tabs can be selected and edited in the idea layout builder. The overview tab is the only one that additional feilds can be added to but that's not clear in the UI.
Connor McCollum 12 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Count unique email voter domains

Hi,It would be useful to have a field that counted the unique email voter domains on an idea so I can quickly see when block voting is skewing popularity.I can achieve this via a customer report today, but I can't sort by it which means I need to ...
Martin Feeney 12 days ago in Voting 1 Future consideration

forcing portal users to rank ideas

portal users can obviously vote on any idea but there needs to be a feature that forces them to rank/prioritize the ideas they have voted on so they get to play their own product manager and make the tough calls on which of their ideas is most imp...
Guest 13 days ago in Voting 0 Future consideration