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Ability to search for special characters with Aha! search

We would like to be able to search for terms like "AT&T" in the search box in the upper right corner of the platform successfully. This will preview some results, but then when you submit a search there will be no results. Same results with si...
Brian Collins almost 3 years ago in Search 0 Future consideration

Include results for saved reports in the search box

I often find myself trying to type a report name in the top-right search box, but reports are not included in these search results. Searching a report is only available via the "Search saved reports" box in the Reports dashboard.
Greg Depinay over 1 year ago in Search 0 Future consideration

Search with set operation on Feature Reference No and JIRA Key

Make a filter able to select few features in Aha! based on Feature Reference# field just like JIRA For example I want to filter only features where Feature reference # is in (CMS-296, CMS-300, CMS-302, CMS-308) Also same way how to do the same kin...
Sudipta Panda about 3 years ago in Search 1 Future consideration

Search by Tags

Currently, when I enter a search term it does not appear to search tags that have been applied to features. I'd like to be able to see a list of all features that have the tag I'm searching for. Ideally I'd be able to search at any product level a...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Search 0 Shipped

Include Initiatives in the scope of default search instead of making user select "Search all content..."

Currently only the Release, Master Feature, and Feature object types are returned in the search results (upper right). User doesn't get hits on Initiatives unless they "search all content." I search for initiative quite a lot and this extra step ...
Perri-Anne Sims over 1 year ago in Search 0 Already exists

Be able to Customize the Search Columns

I would like to see different fields than the default when searching our ideas list. Seeing the category field will help me identify which idea I'm looking for. You are able to customize the columns when viewing the idea list, but not able to cu...
Guest over 3 years ago in Search 1 Unlikely to implement

Universal Search for Activity Log

Currently the search option for the Activity Log only works within the page that is visible at the time you run the search. As a result you may have to run a search on multiple pages of the Activity Log, which takes more time and increases the od...
Lisa Carmichael almost 2 years ago in Search 0 Future consideration

Global search on all data

Global search is really a valuable help especially in our case where we have some history and where we handle a lot of information. The problem is that all information is not indexed. For example we have created a tag on ideas. The latter carries ...
Philippe FEL almost 2 years ago in Search 0 Already exists

Make search box permanently visible

When searching for off references using the global search behind the magnifying glass, clicking to open it every time is tedious. why not make it permanently available without having to open it everytime?
Jon Ellis almost 2 years ago in Search 0 Unlikely to implement

Search for users in assigned user filter

We have quite a few users in our Aha instance and the lack of search capabilities in the assigned user filter makes it a hassle everytime I want to search for all epics or ideas assigned to a particular user.
Tobias Lehtipalo over 4 years ago in Search 0 Shipped