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Sending a Parking Lot to Trello should not send Due Dates

For Aha! features in a parking lot that are sent to Trello, there is also a due date that appears in Trello.Please remove all due dates from Trello cards when sending from a Parking Lot.
Danny Archer over 5 years ago in Trello 1 Shipped

Send feature due dates to trello

We added feature due dates to Aha! Currently the trello integration supports: The due date of the card will be set to the release date of the release the feature belongs to. Now that features have due dates, that date field should be set b...
Danny Archer over 5 years ago in Trello 1 Shipped

Enable full syncing between Trello and Aha

Currently you are able to send features to Trello from Aha and their status will be updated as they are moved in Trello. However comments and attachments that are added to Trello cards/features do not move to Aha. Enabling this feature would allow...
Guest over 5 years ago in Trello 9 Shipped

Send Task to Trello

Where Aha! helps u in managing the product priorities, Trello helps us in managing each person's priorities. We are using Trello to share individual queues and priorities with the team, and therefore, would like for Aha! tasks to have an option o...
Hiten Mistry almost 6 years ago in Trello 1 Will not implement