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Ability to add private comments to idea submitter

Currently, there is no way to respond to an idea submitter privately via comments as an administrator. Additionally, it would be helpful if this private comment could trigger a notification to the submitter.
Guest 3 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability to display "Idea reference" within Idea Portals

Customers would like the ability to display "Idea reference" within the Idea Portals home page lists (recent, trending, popular), which would be used as a unique identifier when scrolling the list.
Guest 3 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Reviewer to proxy vote

Provide permissions to reviewers to be able to add proxy votes to ideas. Currently, they have no way to provide input on behalf of their customers or sales representations as they must request a contribute/owner to do this on their behalf. Very ...
Karie Kelly 3 months ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

Include proxy vote details on primary idea after merge

The number of votes, indicating interest, is one of the important inputs when evaluating idea priorities.Currently, when an idea is merged, their votes and subscribers are merged to the primary - assuming duplicates avoided if there is a limit of ...
Karie Kelly 3 months ago in Voting 0 Likely to implement

Reviewer scoring of ideas for data driven prioritization

We want to be able to demonstrate to our stakeholders that we are using a data driven approach to prioritizing ideas. As different stakeholders have differing opinions, we want to be able to collect scoring across a set of parameters and be able ...
Guest 3 months ago in Voting 1 Already exists

Ideas Portal- Colored Labels

When configuring options for choices, tags, and others, you can change the color for the labels. This currently displays for ideas within Aha!, but not on the Aha! ideas portal. (As of now they are grey default text). I just wanted to put in a req...
Dylan D'Erminio 3 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Ability to change identity provider when adding a new user.

We need the ability for none admins to select the identity provider when adding a user to an Aha org.When we create users from the feature board using the "invite and assign user" the user is always created defaulting to the internal Active Direc...
Guest 4 months ago in User management 0 Future consideration

Manage portal user notification preferences via API

The OneTrust Preference Center is where our customers manage their other OneTrust system permissions from. We would like to add an Aha! API for our OneTrust Portal and Aha! users to also modify their opt in/out permissions in the same Preference C...
Guest 4 months ago in User management 4 Future consideration

Ideas Reporting: Ability see more information about votes, esp. proxy votes

We rely on votes heavily in our Ideas Portal to track interest, and have been using the new Proxy Votes functionality. It would be great if there were more columns available for vote information in Ideas reporting (like the list view), such as an ...
Maria Plotkina 4 months ago in Voting 1 Future consideration

Idea portal vs. Salesforce idea search results

Within an ideas portal, using the search ability will return ideas that match on all of the words. When searching from the Salesforce integration, the results are different since they are matched on any of the words. Utilizing the same search me...
Shawn Zenz 4 months ago in Salesforce / Ideas portal 1 Future consideration