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Capacity planning for teams: Set detailed estimates for team members

I want the ability to set detailed estimates for specific people on a team. Additionally, I want the ability to log time individually for each person.
Guest about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Features 3 Future consideration

Require fields by status

I have certain fields that need to be filled in before moving to the next status in my workflow. The data for these fields is not known in the previous statuses, so it can't be set as a required field before the record reaches a certain status.Th...
Bonnie Trei 9 months ago in Features 2 Future consideration

Change scorecards without erasing scores

Currently, selecting a new scorecard will erase all existing scores. The manual workaround is to export all your scores and re-import them again after changing the scorecard, but this is very tedious and non-obvious.Instead, allow the user to map ...
Todd Meyer about 1 month ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Ability to NOT include the Description Field for the Create Template

I am using the new Template capability to provide guidance for populating Initiatives / Capabilities (Features) via a standard format. Unfortunately, to use this feature I am required to include the Description field in the Create Layout. This r...
Peter Bongiorno 14 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Link a scorecard to a custom field

Hello, in my company we have several development teams working on the same product. Therefore we create a custom scorecard to be able to have an estimate for each team involved in each feature. We also have a custom field with the teams involved i...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Future consideration
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Adding zero effort features to Releases > Roadmap (Gantt Chart)

I would like to add a zero effort feature onto a Gantt chart view, and give this feature a duration over which it will be completed. Currently when you add a zero effort feature and then give it a duration, the effort estimate automatically incre...
Guest about 5 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration
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Allow decimal points in scores

We're using a (value / estimate) method for determining the score of a feature. The division usually results in a decimal point (so one feature is a score of 3.1, another is 3.4). Right now, Ahah is turning both into a 3. We'd like to be able to ...
Jason Slaughter almost 6 years ago in Features 30 Future consideration

Sync status updates between Features and their associated Releases

Currently when any feature changed their status from Backlog to In Progress, the associated Release should be manually updated to reflect the changes. There is a functionality to sync status updates between epics and their associated features, and...
Guest 3 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration
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Track changes of the roadmap

I would like to track the changes that were done to the roadmap/specific features. I would like to see who made the change and when.
Guest over 5 years ago in Features 15 Future consideration

Capacity for teams: Estimate in skills

Capacity for teams currently allows you to create teams and add detailed estimates to records. However, we have a challenge with the way a team's capacity is calculated. We have cross-functional teams, which include people in product management, Q...
Nathaniel Collum about 1 year ago in Capacity planning / Features 2 Future consideration