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Add line jumps to whiteboards

What is the challenge? It would be helpful to allow connector lines to "jump" over other lines on whiteboards, to ensure there is no confusion as to where the connector lines are going when they intersect. What is the impact? Diagrams that are hea...
Madeleine Black about 4 hours ago in Whiteboards 0

The escalation process has many different channels,Support cases, JIRA, War rooms and not one person owns all areas

What is the challenge? Lack of streamline of escalation process What is the impact? downstream impacts on efficincy, customer experience, resources Describe your idea Have a single person own each channel and manages the communication
Guest about 14 hours ago in Ideas 0

Display release capacity bar on features board when team planning is enabled

What is the challenge? Currently, the release capacity bar only shows on the features/epics board when individual planning is enabled in the workspace. However, it is not actually a requirement to be using individual capacity planning in order to ...
Reilly O'Connor about 16 hours ago in Capacity planning 0 Future consideration

Universal Spell Check - All Open Text Fields

What is the challenge? Add Spell check for every type of open text field, including custom open text fields What is the impact? Most open text fields do not have spell check and many of our reports show spelling errors that makes it seem like ther...
Tricia Kelly about 16 hours ago in Features 0

Expand Date Query Functions For All Record Types & Their Related Fields

What is the challenge? There is no way query any meaningful information on the timing of record updates for various housekeeping actitivies What is the impact? We spend hours and hours going through all data to maintain data hygeine when we could ...
Tricia Kelly about 17 hours ago in Features 0

Workspace types at the family and line levels

Allow workspace types to be applied at the product family and division level to allow for unique workflows at higher levels
Chris Vellucci about 19 hours ago in Account settings 0

Cascade Key Results from Epic to Related Features

What is the challenge? Now that we have the ability to cascade Goals/Initiatives from an Epic to its related Features, we need the ability to cascade Key Results as well to complete the Strategic Alignment picture What is the impact? Only cascadin...
Lorena Connolly about 24 hours ago in Strategy 0

Reusable images in knowledge bases

What is the challenge? Repeatable graphics that are used across multiple knowledge bases and documents must be individually updated today What is the impact? This creates manual work each time a graphic needs to be updated Describe your idea Enabl...
Brittany Rhoney 1 day ago in Knowledge base 0 Future consideration

Create custom styles for use in KB text editor

What is the challenge? The text editor has limited pre-set styles available. For more complex or technical documents, the ability to create and save custom styles would be beneficial, particularly for users of Aha! Knowledge Advanced. What is the ...
Brittany Rhoney 1 day ago in Knowledge base 0 Future consideration

Add the ability to add links to objects in Aha! whiteboards

What is the challenge? I'd like to be able add a link an object (e.g., a note, a shape, etc.) so that when I click on that object, it'll take me to the linked site. This works well for internal links within Aha, but if I wanted to link to an exter...
Guest 2 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration