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Support photos inside the description field

The ability to embed photos as part of the description of an idea, that helps explain the idea especially when adding multiple photos and need to explain each one.
Tomer 1 day ago in Ideas portal 0

User generated tags for the ideas form

When adding a custom field from the Tag type, allow ideas portal users to either select existing tags or to create new ones on the fly.The tags will be used to represent individual customers who asked for this feature, so later on this can be used...
Tomer 2 days ago in Ideas portal 0
149 VOTE

Conditional forms on ideas portal

Since I have more than one idea category, I have custom fields that are associated and useful for specific categories of ideas. Currently I need to put all of them on the input form and display layout for all ideas. This makes the form unnecessari...
Jonathan Berg almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 27 Future consideration

Search Bar for Pre-Defined Choice List (Ideas Form)

We have custom Pre-defined List fields on Ideas Forms with 200+ options (growing by the day). We need a search bar added for ease of use. As a work-around, I tried to create an automation rule to translate a tag field (which has a search bar) to a...
Marcie Gardner 16 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Add additional info to ideas in portal

We allow our global systems engineer community to vote on ideas in the idea portal. Would be nice to allow them to attach other data to ideas (more than comments) that would be related Deal IDs, The geo they represent, etc.
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 3 Future consideration

Assign Idea to more than one PM

Currently, we are only able to assign an Idea to one person. When the Idea touches cross functional features, being able to assign to multiple PMs (perhaps a Primary PM and Secondary PMs) would be much easier than having to use the work around of ...
Ginger Alford about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Allow portal users to manually select their language

With Aha! Ideas Advanced the ideas portal can now support multiple languages. The portal will automatically detect a user's browser language and display the portal in that language (assuming the language is enabled for the portal).However, some us...
Kelly Sebes about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Include proxy vote details on primary idea after merge

The number of votes, indicating interest, is one of the important inputs when evaluating idea priorities.Currently, when an idea is merged, their votes and subscribers are merged to the primary - assuming duplicates avoided if there is a limit of ...
Karie Kelly 3 months ago in Voting 0 Likely to implement

Request additional information when idea is interesting

We do not want to request a lot of information when we invite someone to add an idea. If the idea is interesting, we might want to add additional fields, so the user/customer includes additional information like: Video pitchImagesBenefits / CostTh...
Guest 29 days ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration
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Grouping Ideas Portal Users by Customer/Account

It would be great to be able to define in Aha! what "company" or "account" each Ideas Portal user belongs to. After the company information is available, we would then want the ability to filter and sort the Manager Portal Users screen by this fie...
Jeff Moore about 6 years ago in Ideas portal 23 Future consideration